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APRIL 2015

Servant Alvine's testimony 

Jeremiah 1 verse 5 " Before I formed you in the womb I knew you"

I was born in Cameroon in a protestant's family . At firsty the desire of my father was to have a boy as a first born. Unfortunately I was a girl. I have been rejected of my identity by my father. My parents dressed me always like a boy, that ambiguilty has caused me to become a fussy personality which was a source of suffers . I leave my parents very early to study marketing to France. In my university i had many occult experiences ( witchcraft , yoga, oriental sciences, transcadental meditation, spiritism, and others...) and my family's background was so occult.

After my MBA I began to become depressive , having suicidal thoughts , bounded by occult powers. My life was very miserable and one day the love of God appears on July 1989 I have a dream, I was in the middle of men , women, and children. In front of us there was a man surrounded with a light who called me by my second name " Alvine, Alvine,Alvine follow me because I love you". This voice was soft.

Three months later , precisely october 29 th I confess the name of Jesus Christ and I receive him like my lord and savior( Romains 10 verse 9 John 1 verse 9 to 13).

Jesus Christ has changed my life I became free and fulfilled woman going through the nations announcing the gospel that brings hope, love, deliverance, redemption and healing.

Nothing is impossible for God , believe in Jesus Christ .

Be Blessed

Your servant Alvine Elisabeth Ndongo Ntone

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She went out on a day when the the spirit of the death is honored over the world; hence she committed herself to the celebration maybe unaware of the stakes ......" My people destroyed for the lack of knowledge Hosea 4 verse 6. Beautiful cheerful and amiable young indonesian girl created in the image of creator for a purpose and a fulfilled life "

 For I know the plans and a hope ........Jeremiah 29 verse 11 Has been found dead after 8 years of struggling life in Hong Kong, trying to make a better livng for the rest of the life. She was looking forward to going back to indonesia when her house was just finished!

What a sad end!And even sadder is the jugment she is going to face "It is appointed to men to die ONCE, and after that comes the judgment Hebrews 9 verse 27.

This article is a proof how evil is in this world ; we 'd better seek first the kingdom of God instead of chasing in vain after the silling things of the world meaning " Unless the Lord builds the house , those who build it labour in vain".

Jesus Christ is the answer he is the way, the truth and the life in him are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge of God....Make up your mind , for tomorrow might be late. Receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior . For God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life....And to all who receive him, who believe in his name, he gave the power to become children of God. John 3 verse 16 John 1 verses 12 and 13

Be blessed

Your Brother in Jesus Christ Aimé Claude (CAMEROUN)


You should understand things in a spiritual way 

     Following a message I have just received by the servant of God Alvine, I feel pushed to make this testimony. Before going further, I repent with all my heart before God for all my disobedience, the consequences of which I still undergo. The Holy Spirit is convincing me to do it today. I praise the Everlasting God in all things because he is powerful. Nobody can resist him or run away from him because he has all means to catch one up. I submit myself to his complete will in anything that he will grant me the grace to do from this day. In

   In 2007, a few days after the death of my wife, I received help from a brother in Christ who lived in the United States. He had to marry my spiritual daughter who also lives over there. This relation did not end in the marriage, however, I kept good relationship with the brother. Thus, in 2010, as I passed by very difficult moments, he suggested helping me but I had to be in the United States for that. Unexpectedly, six months later, his minister sent me an invitation and a plane ticket to attend a convention in Denver for a duration of two weeks. I had to travel on 28/10/2010 but God, seeing their intentions and mine which were to not return to Cameroon, while he had entrusted me people to lead here, stopped me in my adventures. Although being in his duty, I had not consulted him. On 23/10/2010, I had a stroke which provoked a face and limb paralysis. I stayed into a coma during 17 days. But God had compassion of me: in his great mercy, he brought me out of this coma. I totally recovered from the paralysis but I have lost the use of speaking. I can however write.

     Glory to God because he stopped me in a radical way but did not let me die, so I can testify his love and forgiveness. A new start is possible with him. I Have the firm conviction that by his grace I shall regain the ability of speaking and I shall proclaim his oracles. Moreover, thanks to your prayers, my recovering increases and I am joyful because I see God’s miracle every day.

     Servants of God, Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I exhort you to consult the Eternal for any decision you may have to take whatever the field of your life because from the moment you gave your life to Jesus, it does not belong to you anymore. You are at the service of God, called to make only his will and not yours. Disobedience can cost you much. In any case, you should be aware that God runs faster than you. Be blessed

Rev Biyaga Flora (Cameroon)


Do not resist until God stops you

   As a professor, I am called every year to participate in the correction of the tests of the high school diploma and this allows me to face the school expenses of my daughter who was born according to a prophety after a long period of infertility.

At many times the current year, my daughter told me to speak about Jesus-Christ to my young neighbor. She insisted but for my part I wouldn’ listen to her and told her to leave me alone and scolded her. I did not understand that God was speaking to me through her. At the end of the year, surprisingly, I was not called in for the correction. I cried because it was a big loss of earnings.

   A few days later, my two daughters had the same dream: they saw that I was going to die. I was completely frightened. I went on my knees imploring God and there, I heard a voice in a clear way that gave me the name of my young neighbour. I made the decision to meet him, but a few time later I had dizziness and vomiting. Later, I asked my daughters to call the young person. I explained to him what I had received from the Eternal. So I was able to speak to him about Jesus-Christ and the necessity for him to give his life to Jesus. Suddenly, I was healed. We prayed and this young person confessed the name of the Lord Jesus-Christ.

   The following day at 10 AM, the high school called me so I could participate to the correction. God freed my situation just after an act of obedience. As soon as I arrived in the center of examinations, the examiners were replaced. Besides the correction, I was in charge of writing the reports. This allowed me to have a higher remuneration than the previous years.

Through all these situations, I saw myself as Jonas refusing to obey God for the salvation of a soul. Fortunately, the grace of God brought me back to his will. Obedience is better than sacrifices. Do not wait till God stops you because he is the one who can decide on your life or on your death.

   Brothers and Sisters in Christ, be sensitive to the voice of God. It is pleasant to obey even if it seems difficult at first sight. God doesn’t expect you do the impossible because He makes you capable.

   God bless you.

   Your sister in Christ Hélène (Cameroon)


   Some situations in my life seemed inextricable, would not change. I prayed and committed everything to Jesus. He was truly acting in my life and I could see his grace but it was as if the enemy had a legal right to access my life.

I fasted to ask the Lord what was wrong in my life, I asked him to show me where the door was opened to the enemy, him who told me that he had delivered me from any things. I implored his grace, asked him to show me if there were any sin which I had not confessed. I made an examination of my past life.

The following day, the Lord allowed me to read the Hippocratic Oath which I took 10 years ago when I supported my medicine thesis. I was already a Christian at that time. However, I did not walk very straight ahead with the Lord. Today, I would have refused flatly to take such an oath. I had nevertheless prayed before going to this ceremony, an also when they chose me among the graduating students to dress the black gown and take the oath. After the ceremony and repeatedly later, I prayed to get free of all that was not of God in this oath. However, I had not realized the spiritual and physical impacts of this oath.

Here is the original version of the Hippocratic Oath:

Translated by Francis Adams

  “I SWEAR by Apollo the physician, and Aesculapius, and Health, and All-heal, and all the gods and goddesses, that, according to my ability and judgment, I will keep this Oath and this stipulation- to reckon him who taught me this Art equally dear to me as my parents, to share my substance with him, and relieve his necessities if required; to look upon his offspring in the same footing as my own brothers, and to teach them this art, if they shall wish to learn it, without fee or stipulation; and that by precept, lecture, and every other mode of instruction, I will impart a knowledge of the Art to my own sons, and those of my teachers, and to disciples bound by a stipulation and oath according to the law of medicine, but to none others. I will follow that system of regimen which, according to my ability and judgment, I consider for the benefit of my patients, and abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous. I will give no deadly medicine to any one if asked, nor suggest any such counsel; and in like manner I will not give to a woman a pessary to produce abortion. With purity and with holiness I will pass my life and practice my Art. I will not cut persons laboring under the stone, but will leave this to be done by men who are practitioners of this work. Into whatever houses I enter, I will go into them for the benefit of the sick, and will abstain from every voluntary act of mischief and corruption; and, further from the seduction of females or males, of freemen and slaves. Whatever, in connection with my professional practice, or not in connection with it, I see or hear, in the life of men, which ought not to be spoken of abroad, I will not divulge, as reckoning that all such should be kept secret. While I continue to keep this Oath unviolated, may it be granted to me to enjoy life and the practice of the art, respected by all men, in all times! But should I trespass and violate this Oath, may the reverse be my lot!”

   Obviously, the version I read during the “ritual” was a "light" version, modernized, coated with good feelings and humanism: no mention of any divinity, no mention of any kind of submission or duties to a “master of medicine” that is a director of thesis, nor mention of a curse auto-imposed in case of betrayal. No mention of a ban of abortion practice. However, it was the "Hippocratic Oath" and the adhesion to any kind of its version suggests the adhesion to the original one. This demonstrate how important it is to go back to the origin of a text in order to understand its signification.

I was completely shocked when I read that. It was as if a veil fell of my eyes. The truth was in front of me. I was "angry" with Satan who had manipulated me for years. By this oath, I was bound without knowing it, to all pantheon divinities, to my supervisor and his children, and to a whole “brotherhood”, while I had given my life to Jesus alone, while I had decided to make of him the one and only master of my life. My only brethren are the children of God. I can say I had voluntarily entered a sect without knowing it. You cannot imagine the peace and the enjoyment which flooded me that day: I understood so many things happening in my life and I knew that by having understood all this, I was already free.

I asked god point by point deliverance about the commitments I had taken through this oath and for the consequences of this pact on my life: I asked for God’s forgiveness, implored his grace and mercy, I denied any alliance with the forged-gods and proclaimed my alliance with Jesus Christ alone, I rejected every duty to my supervisor, his family, and to every "brother-colleague". Finally, I broke the curses associated with this pact and with the symbolic snake of the caduceus… I was completely free.

I can tell you that within the following 48 hours, I saw several situations changing in my life, and this continues. I also understood why I met so few Christians among the doctors. When you are bound to all the false-gods of the pantheon, it is for sure more difficult to hear the voice of the real God. But Jesus has broken all the chains and he is almighty …He has already done everything but we have to understand to really get free.

Brothers and sisters doctors, if you took this oath (I know that certain countries do not impose it), I invite you to ask for the grace and God's mercy, whether you took it before or after having given your life to Jesus. Do not be mistaken! Whatever the version you read, its underlying signification did not change. All our acts have consequences, particularly oath. It is necessary to realize the impact and the consequences of this oath in your life. The enemy is crafty. Jesus freed us. We do not have to stay under the enemy yoke. Jesus blood broke all the alliances we made in the past.

If you are not a Christian and if you have just realized you were a victim with this oath, I invite you to reject this oath and to make the good choice with Jesus…

Medicine is a gift of God allowing to relieve people of physical diseases and to console the afflicted hearts. We have to exercise it with God's love, God's wisdom guided by the Spirit of God, in agreement with God's word, and in Christ's freedom, which exceeds by far the "good feelings " mentioned in this oath. It is Jesus who acts through our hands. The real God, shown in his son Jesus, is the God of everything, including medicine.

If you are not a doctor but a dentist, a lawyer, an architect, a post-office employee or if you exercise any profession where you had first to take the oath, I exhort you to realize that you took a commitment and to sound out this commitment, this pact, this alliance in its terms and implications for your life in the light of God's word. It is necessary to look for the origin to understand its real meaning. Jesus can free you.

John 8 :32 : « and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free .»

Daniel 10 :12 : “Then he said unto me, Fear not, Daniel : for from the first day that you set your mind to understand and humbled yourself before God, your words have been heard, and I have come because of your words.”

Deuteronomy 29: 12 « that you may enter into the sworn covenant of the Lord your God makes with you this day »

Numbers 30:2 “ when the man vows a vow to the Lord , or swears an oath to bind himself by a pledge, he shall not break his word; he shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth.”

Jeremiah 5:7 : « How can I pardon you ? Your children have forsaken me, and have sworn by those who are no gods.»

Matthieu 5 :33-35 : « Again you have heard that it was said to the men of old, « you shall not swear falsely, but shall perform to the Lord what you have sworn ». But I say to you, Do not swear at all, either by heaven, for it is the throne of God, or by the earth, for t is his footstool, or by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the great King »

James 5 :12 : « But above all, my brethren, do not swear, either by heaven or by earth or with any other oath, but let your yes bey es and your no be no, that you may not fall under condemnation. »

Author: Marie-Lise



Jeremiah 1:5

With God , he leads us in his ways for a very precise purpose, the details of our life are in his hands. It was very important to experiment it in my own life, and It is with enjoyment that I share it to you today .

In 1994 The Lord spoke to me about Caribbean islands principaly the French ones.The first thing matter which I made it was to be inform geographically and historically of these islands. Then I understood that I had to begin to pray for these islands and to be perceptive of the Holy Spirit and it lasted 7 years . At the end of this long period I had knowledge of these places as if I had been there , and God's love grew in my heart for these people.

God was preparing me the road it was going to use for achieve it intentions through me. In 2001 I arrive for the first time at Saint Marteen a dependence of Guadelupe which enjoyment to see finally what I have carried in the prayer. The plan came up to date, I obeyed God's prescriptions for this journey and his loyalty showed itself. Several others journeys followed with meeting of brothers ans Sisters in Christ whom God was going to use for the fulfillment of this plan. Six years later it was my installation in Guadelupe and my feet walked on others islands ( Saint Barthélemy and Désirade) that I had carried in my intercessions. Which wonderful God we have! who did not fail in his plans , he has a road for each plan , even if sometimes we meet trouble he is at the control of the situation

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways , says the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts." Isaiah 55: 8-9

God bless you

Your Servant Alvine Elisabeth Ndongo Ntone

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JULY 2010


 Judges 3: 4

These nations will be used to test Israel so that the Lord knows if they would obey the commands he had laid down their fathers by Moses. This verse shows us that tests even desired by God originally used to reveal our strengths as our weaknesses. God really knows everything in advance. But it is us who do not know.

Through the test we realize our true state, we determine our reactions, we can know where we are in our faith that God is on our behalf or that he is not yet. And in this case to him taking the place that is hers. God made me a promise I have several ways to make sure it was him in an area of my life. I knew one who made me the promise was all powerful to accomplish. Years passed and I saw nothing happen and I began to worry about and as I had spoken to brothers and sisters in Christ as they were in the same state of mind. Doubt this is settled that God had actually spoken or I'd had dreams all alone? "The years passed it became painful days ago I felt that God hear me he was not even there. I brushed against depression and I wanted even to God. Compared to that promise the Spirit of God always gave me a strong belief .

I decided to help God forgetting he was in this event and that it had a purpose in my life. I used every possible means to get there but every time I was in failure, frustration and even animosity. Through this situation I realized that I was impatient relying on my own strength. My confidence was not complete in God he let me go until the end of my strength. Finally the time fixed by God when the test had done its work of patience and surrender to God, the fulfillment came and it was wonderful. Whatever you go through the ordeal know that your Father is with you then do not help trust him you will emerge victorious.

God bless you


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JUNE 2010



I have just passed through a very painful event which is the departure of my mother in the heaven 20 years after she gave her life to Jesus Christ. I saw him three months ago and I hope that I will see her next time, but God decided otherwise. To Him be all the glory. I thank God she's gone when I prayed on the phone with her.

What a beautiful death! The loneliness is present, but I'm at peace because she made the best choice in her life to accept Jesus Christ as her personal Savior and to serve him. I know that one day if I persevere I will see her . Living in Guadeloupe I could not attend to her funeral, the Lord asked me to take three days of fasting and during this time to be in his presence. My great desire was that through this event the people are turning to Christ and God's people be encouraged.

It's great to know that our brother Jesus Christ who gave His life for us on the cross went to prepare a better place for us where there are no tears, no pain, no hassles of this world except that joy, praise with other saints who have preceded us. I probed the scriptures to get a glimpse of this place, the word of God says that is not a myth but a reality and it is very beautiful place.

Personally after the death's of my mother I also realized that the stakes of my relationship with Christ is serious I should be done recklessly, not my time. "It is very important that I run more to the precious which is Christ and to separate the vile things of precious one. Today Christians run for things that should be the concerns of non-believers as if their eternity in the earth forgetting or neglecting the essential of their relationship with Christ . we have to account our days and serve the Lord because we don't know when we have to leave this earth and go back home .

May God bless you

Your Servant Alvine Elisabeth Ndongo Ntone

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MAY 2010



 I meditated on this scripture and it was as if I waking from sleep. I realized that my days were numbered between 70 and 80 years and may be more if God gave me this grace. In addition it was going too fast. Then I asked myself the following questions for 21 years of converting what was my account?

 1 / How many people should I have to mention the love of Jesus? At least one by day in 8005 that would have given everything to a minimum speed.

2/How many Gospel of John I distributed? It would be 8005 at the rate of 1 per day.

3/How long would I have spent in prayer for the salvation of souls across the nations? 5 minutes per day the account would be 630 hours. The list of questions will be long but I would prefer to stop there because being honest

with myself I could do more and I'm sad and confused because I did not quite learned to count my days and to apply myself with wisdom and the account has not been reached. And I think what a mess, I do not want to dwell on this fact and keep my mood, I have to respond because my days are numbered and not mine not yours either.

While at work for Christ and accelerate because he returns soon. If you read this testimony, and you're true to yourself does not sit, and react dark because God is with you and learn to account your days.

May God bless you

Your Servant Alvine Elisabeth Ndongo Ntone

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MARCH 2010


"I will be with you always until the end of the world " Math 28:20

The loneliness is really heavy but as christians we have the company of our Lord. Jésus Christ assures us of his actual presence and comfort us. Because of this loneliness many christians use means which are not in the will of God , to choice their wifes or husbands source of despair, broken hearts , ministries destroyed.

The day I gave my life to the Lord because he told me to drop everything and follow him, I knew that loneliness would be a part of my life with him The more I knew him the more I realized that he needed intimacy with me and after he called me to serve him.

The first years were very difficult but I discovered a love that overwhelmed me and the importance of my service and I know that God did not call me for a life of celibacy.

I began to pray for this subject and today I know the will of God. He is preparing me the husband who is his son , I have to stay in the peace and serve him after he gave me the desire of my heart.

A christian does not marry according to his personal desires but he must follow the will of God . 2 Cor 6 verses 14-17

Do not put yourself with the unbelievers. Oh/! how many times it is temting to want to help God because we are anxious to get out of this loneliness. Unfortunately , the consequences are disastrous and the name of the Lord is often ridiculed because it was wrong . If you are still alone , I know that it is not easy , enjoy these moments to know more your Lord and serve him . If you have done him your delight , he will give you the husband or the wife for his glory and your marriage will be a witness edifying for others and a source of happiness for you. I am waiting since more years and my loneliness is a benediction.

God bless you

Your Servant Alvine Elisabeth Ndongo Ntone

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The reality began June 17 , 2009 when a bailiff and 4 policemen came to get my elder Sister and me at our mother's house to live with our father. From June 17 to August 15 , we were prisoners in our father's house.

Night and day my sister and me prayed constantly asking God to get us out of captivity. God revealed to me in the dream that my big sister and I went out after the departure of our father to his job. This arrived August 16, I got sick and my mother came and took me to the hospital where I stayed 5 day and after I come back to my mother's house.

God allowed this situation to get us out of the captivity and to return to our mother's house. We are free by the mighty hand of God

Know that if you come out the captivity in Egypt one day , the enemy will pursue you to bring you back using many means , but if you stay commited to Jesus Christ it will faillike pharaoh in the read sea.

God bless you

Sister Syntiche (ACEM/ Cameroun)

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Psalm 23 verse1

   My testimony focuses on the goodness and greatness of God. Last year, I had to prepare a bachelor of science in very bad psychological condition because of rejection from my father.

By His grace, God allowed me to pass my exam with verve.

What I can recommend you today is to put your lives in the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ because he alone is the good shepherd. He knows better than anyone what you need and how and when to give you, even when people abandon you.

Jesus Christ holds our hands and leads us into the way he has prepared for us. How wonderful is our good shepherd! Just believe in God and trust him. During the exam, I experimented in a practical way his assistance and greatness and I was not disappointed. Facing the challenges I encountered, I invoked him and the Holy Spirit guided me on what I had to do.


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Testimony: I thought love others outside of the source of love

1 Corinthians 13 verses 4-7:

Love forgives all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all ...

Before, they are many frustrations and disappointments in my relationship because of my personality or that of others?, I do not know. Become Christian, the same things were repeated. I started thinking, saying that it was not normal and I must find the reasons for this problem. So I immersed myself in the word of God and found the characteristics that define the love that we have to give on others and which arise directly from the love we receive in our relationship with Jesus Christ. After depth meditation and prayers on these verses, I was honest with myself grateful that I had it all wrong because I lived in a selfish love is not that of God .

And if I wanted to stop the rot of my existence and that of others, I had to put the word of God into practice. Then I started to practice these principles in my relationships with the Lord's help and I saw improvement every day.

1 / Start by giving compliments to others instead of me focus on their faults because the words reflect the state of our heart

2 / Listen actively by giving full attention to the other while I still tend to talk too much and become the focus. Do not listen is a sign of disinterest and contempt

3 / Having regularity in relationships; Porter burdens one another, sharing joys and sorrows 4 / Honesty A relationship based on half-truths and distorted truths is like a house of cards. He collapses at the slightest pressure. The desire to communicate openly prevent suspicion and distrust.

Christ loved to the end his disciples who were denied, deceived, rejected, abandoned the unconditional love of Christ should motivate us to take actions that are consistent with our words. "I love you, I am with you my brother and sister despite your failings "Loyalty is a regular commitment to each other. This means to stand by each other in good times and bad times. A dead man can not have the feeling of being used or misled. This is Christ and être.Vous such we may say that it's difficult. True, as a human, we can not do. But by his grace, God makes us able to love as he loves him. Be encouraged brothers and sisters in Christ see what love the Father has loved us and we love each other.

Your Servant Alvine Elizabeth Ndongo Ntone

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Philippians 4 :11; Philippians 4 :4, 1 Corinthians 13 :7; Luc 18 :27; 2 Corinthians 12 :23

   I was going through a difficult situation. I was even homeless. I had to live to my sister’s and brother-in-low’s house. My nephew was 3 years old. I spent all time with him when he was not at school. God used to speak to me through his words. He always had the right word at the right time. He was a great comfort to me. His words greatly encouraged me. I tried to hide my suffering which I forgot when I was with him. I remember him tenderly watching me and telling me: “Aunty, I am so happy you are here!”. But his favorite sentence was: “Aunty, it is not a tragedy!”. Of course, he used these words in common situations but within me, these words sounded with a particular meaning. His presence helped me to recover peace and joy in spite of the terrible situation I was going through. He also needed my presence. God had given me a companion in suffering, a companion in joy, which was a three years old boy!

It is good to discern the Lord’s voice. God will never abandon us if we put our trust in him, whatever the situation we may go through. He will always put on our way someone to help us, a “well-wisher”, so that we may see the manifestation of his powerful love. This person will have words to comfort us, to revive joy in our heart. This person may be a friend or a stranger. In these situations, God makes his Word alive. Let us pay attention and open our hearts in order to receive the peace and joy of God.

Did someone offend you, rob you? You felt rejected, despised, betrayed… It is not a tragedy! As the apostle Paul said: “I have experienced times of need and times of abundance. In any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of contentment». Despise, frustration, disappointment, are painful. However, you shall not dwell into pain or bitterness. Men are fallible, God never fails. If you confide in him, you will retrieve your faith in the future. You will never be disappointed.

A tragedy is something leading to sad consequences. Is there anything more tragic than losing your communion with God who is the source of life, of peace and joy? Do not be led by your feelings and take time to analyze the situation. A proof of humility is to recognize you may have made a mistake or that you need some help. Do not be proud. Still live in love and forgive those who offended you, then you will retrieve joy, peace, freedom. There is no forgiveness without love. Learn to love freely. “It is more blessed to give than to receive”. Keep your faith intact.

Even if you were overwhelmed with doubt, fear, disappointment, the Maker can renew your faith. You will see things in a different way and you will believe again that with God, everything is possible!

Author: Marie-Lise

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  I want to testify first of all for the Love of Jesus for everyone and secondly for the grace of the Lord. I am a teenager living in Cameroon. First of all, I have to go back into my past. I was a young boy like anyone. I had a girl friend, many friends. I used to go to night-clubs every week-ends and everything seemed to be perfect. Although having an apparently a normal life, I had many questions concerning the meaning of my life, questions that could neither be answered by me or my friends. In spite of having a girl friend my heart was thirsty of something new, different from sex or alcohol. One night, I was alone behind my house, I looked up to the sky and I started praying: "Lord Jesus, if you exist, come and change my life, give me the real love and the meaning of my life". It was the beginning of something new for me because Jesus answered me. The Lord does not condemn us according to what we have done. He just wants that we sincerely open our heart and he will deliver us from our weaknesses.

Since I have given my life to Christ, everything has changed in my life and it is still changing, even the way I see life is totally different. Jesus loves us so much and Christian life means opening our heart to Christ, repenting for our disobedience and allowing him to renew us by changing your life. Today, I have a bachelor's degree by the grace of Jesus. Many of my classmates have failed it this year but because of his grace upon my life he granted it to me.The grace and love of Jesus are indefinable. Each one of us has to taste it personally. Instead of saying that God doesn't exist, it is preferable for you to invite him in your life, for life is vanity without Jesus. When you open your heart to him, it is the beginning of the real life.

Author: Charles


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JULY 2009



   This morning of March, I was early woken up. The lord reminded me of the abortion, this murder I committed more than 10 years ago. This child had been conceived in March. I should have delivered in December. I killed the child for selfishness. I didn’t even really think. I was afraid. Between the day I discovered my pregnancy and the murder, it was as if I was living in another world, as if the sky had fallen on my head.

   When I told my boyfriend, the father, that I was pregnant, he answered that I could not keep the child, I had to finish my studies. Actually, he already had two children and he did not want to have one more. Neither was it convenient for me. It was not suitable time. I did not discuss. The only thing that mattered for me was to have done with this situation which bothered me. Yes, I had to compete a few months later. Furthermore, I had not planned to live with that man…

I am not trying to find an excuse. There is just no excuse.

I remember that this day was a nightmare. I do not speak about these nauseas which I had felt for weeks. It happened so fast. Only a few minutes were necessary. The voluntary interruption of pregnancy (VIP) took place in the “abortion department” of a hospital. It is a place where nobody is able to look in the eyes, where nobody is able to speak to you unless one can’t avoid it, a place where things are not clearly named: they spoke about « evacuation » instead of murder…When the surgeon asked the nurse for the basin, I realized what I had done. But it was too late… Nowadays, it is even easier: no surgeon, only tablets to swallow and the thing is done…

In the following evening, I wept. I felt so alone, so empty. I tried to repress my guiltiness. I had spoken of the abortion to the “father” and to my best friend but in that day, I really was alone to face what I had done.

Since my conversion, I had prayed at many times for God’s forgiveness regarding this abortion. After having read a book on this topic, I had particularly realized the impact and consequences of this murder in my life. I had prayed in order to be completely freed and healed. I had also realized that I was still bound to the “father”, my accomplice to decide this murder, though he was not present on the scene of crime and though we were separated for many years. I had never thought again about all the details of these events. Only some scenes had come back to my memory until that day.

However, every year, I used to think about my « lost daughter ». I used to think she would have been five…six…etc…Yes, I had the conviction that the baby was a girl. I remember that in the evening following the murder, I dreamt of my sister and my mother taking my baby away.

During years, I used to live with my daughter’s cadaver within my heart. It happened that I also imagined what she would look like… Since the murder, death had not left me.

That morning of March, I was in my bedroom in a hotel. Everything precisely came back in my mind. It lasted all day long. I could even see again the evasive glance of the surgeon. In the plane which brought me back home, I was still in my memories, in an attitude of repentance. I was in a strange mood. I wept and I also felt the peace of God. I realized that I had been living with a dead person for more than ten years.

I received the conviction that God was operating deliverance in me. I was convinced of his forgiveness. I knew that he was assuring me that he was going to act in my favor concerning this field of my life. I also received the conviction that I had to testify of this deliverance. It seemed so difficult to me. I wondered how I could speak of such a personal topic and never read again the notes I had taken until this day.

I am more than 35, I have no children and I suffer for that fact. I really love children and I had always thought that I would have many children. Of course, since I am Christian, I have never thought of having a child out of the marriage context. I thought the Lord would bless me in this field as he does in so many fields of my life. By dint of hearing women in their thirties saying that they were too old to have children, others telling me to hurry up, meaning “you will soon be to old”, I began worrying. I heard other women complaining about babies or of the state of pregnancy. All this was painful to me who so hardly wanted to know the joy of being a mother. I even began to doubt of God’s love for me. However, I remembered the promises of God and all the things he had already done for me…whatever the situation was (Isaiah 62:4).

I can say I have realized God’s love and I know I had to pass through this pain and this healing, to accept the death of my first child in order to be able to love and grow other children. I also realized the value of life created by God. I know how precious the children whom God confides us are. I know that I am ready to have children now.

I am not an exhibitionist. Through this testimony, God compelled me to go beyond my reserve. He wants to speak to you:

Woman, God is the God of life: he is the one who gives life. He is the only one who can take it back. Do not kill (Exodus 20 13). If you committed such an act, the one and only person who may judge you is God. He knows your life, your slightest thoughts, and why you did that. He understands you as nobody could ever do, but he tells you: really repent! He is ready to forgive you, whatever the elapsed time. Do not harden your heart and just believe in his forgiveness. I know how difficult and painful it is to think back to these events. You must know that this act has consequences on your life and on your relationship with your children and husband, which you cannot remove by yourself. Only God can heal you.

Man, if you sent a child to death, by abandoning or by disdaining his mother after having slept with her, or by your “good piece of advice”, do not consider such an act with thoughtlessness. You were not present while the murder was accomplished? You were not informed on the pregnancy? You just “jilted” the girl? You are as guilty as she is because it was your child. Realize know what you made and repent sincerely.

Whatever the spread of your cadaver collection, Jesus’ arms are widely opened to forgive you, to heal you. He is just waiting you make a step… (Luc 7: 48)


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JUNE 2009


Joshua 1 V 9

Today we are overwhelmed by many fears. But the Christians should have a different behavior against fear, because the bible says 365 times « don’t be afraid ». Our lives are in God’s hands.

Very early in my life, I was confronted with fear. When my brother died, it was a traumatic experience, and the spirit of fear entered in me. Many other fears appeared, causing depression and insomnia. When I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord, I began to read the bible, and I discovered that the Lord could deliver me from fear.

One day, I decided to abandon all my fears to the Lord. I wrote on a paper all my fears; the list was very long because all areas of my life were concerned. I prayed:

“Lord, today I give you all my fears, and I don’t want to take them again. I ask you to forgive my sin and to deliver me. I know you are mighty and there is nothing impossible for you, in the name of Jesus. Amen”

Fear disappeared gradually and today, when it comes again, I resist it by the word of God. If you are abounded by fear, God is able to deliver you if you really want and if you have faith.

God Bless You

Author: Servant Alvine Elisabeth

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March 2009


I was born in Cameroon (Central Africa) in a protestant family. My Grandmother was a servant of God. Therefore, I heard of the name of God early in my life. However, in my family, the practice of love was nonexistent.

In 1976, I leaved my country for Paris in order to study business. There, I began to deny the existence of God, living according to my own will. I get graduated. In 1981, after an operation, my left kidney suddenly stopped functioning.

I stayed in intensive care unit during one week without improvement. For the medical staff, the only solution remaining was dialysis. When I heard of that, it was a hard shock. Suddenly, all my ambitions shattered. The operation to perform the dialysis fistula was planned for next Tuesday morning.

On Monday night, before I fell asleep, I said: "LORD IF YOU EXIST REALLY HEAL MY KIDNEY". The miracle happened on Tuesday morning: my kidney functioned again. God had answer me. The whole medical staff said "it’s a miracle, we have used all our abilities!". After this manifestation of the Lord in my life, I continued to live in my rebellion. Although I had diplomas, I remained unemployed during many years and I suffered from depression.

On October 29,1989, eight years after the miracle of God in my life, I listen to a pastor preaching the gospel. It was the first time I saw a man preaching with so great conviction. The Holy Spirit touched my heart ant I decided to give my life to Jesus-Christ. A few months later, I get healed of depression.

Bless the Lord nothing is impossible to him. He is the same yesterday, today, and eternally. If you read my testimony today, don’t hesitate: the better choice you can make in your life is to accept Jesus-Christ. He will become your friend and you will never be alone anymore. God says that he knew you before you were born, and he has good plans for your life.


John 3 v 16

Rom 10 v 9



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